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December 31, 2011
2011 goes

We're here to go. That's what we're here for. We're here to go.
Gysin quoted by Burroughs on the latter's Dead City Radio album (Island, 1990).

further context, from J. Geiger's Nothing is True - Everything Is Permitted: the Life of Brion Gysin (p. 219-20):
[John] Hopkins' Tangier Diaries capture flashes of Gysin's radiant charm. Visiting at Bowle's house, stoned on kif, Hopkins and [Joe] McPhillips walked out to a cliff to look at the moon. They were reflecting on what life was all about. Paul said, "We're here to learn." Brion said, "We're here to go."


Go where?

Go how?

Go to space?

Go fishing?

"To move or pass along, proceed, journey, travel (irrespective of the mode of progression)"? (OED)

To exit the stage gracefully?