Thanksgiving Is Ruined

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December 12, 2011
urbanism and nostalgia

Florent Morellet, beloved (former) restauranteur, now turned full-time artist (& son of this fellow), in a recent interview (here) given on the occasion of his just-closed solo exhibition:


You were so gregarious at the helm of Florent. Are you different now?

I have stayed very private lately, because when I go out people are always asking the same questions: "What are you doing now?" I say I'm a full-time artist and then they say, "When are you opening a restaurant?"

They don't like any city as much as the one they are missing.

His final sentence above demonstrates that he grasps something important -- perhaps singularly so (with redoubled force since 9-11-01) with reference to the psychology of the persons who live in and love his home city.
(and who loved his coffee)