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January 15, 2012
Johnny Hallyday returns

TiR notes his return, at least, to the English language translation of Vaneigem's Rev. of Everyday Life.

. . . as seen in a freshly revised translation by Donald Nicholson-Smith, chapter 6 of which recently appeared here.

So, whereas the familiar 70s-era version by Sieveking & Fullerton has:
The ideological spectacle keeps up with the times by bringing out harmless plastic antagonisms; are you for or against Brigitte Bardot, the Beatles, mini-cars, hippies, nationalization, spaghetti, old people, the TUC, mini-skirts, pop art, thermonuclear war, hitch-hiking?

we now have, much closer to the original:
To keep current, the ideological spectacle is continually launching new pseudo-antagonisms: are you for or against Brigitte Bardot, Johnny Hallyday, Citroën 3CVs, young people, nationalization, spaghetti, old people, the United Nations, mini-skirts, Pop Art, thermonuclear war, hitchhiking?

The original language version of the chapter, for reference, is here.

[The book's intro/chapter 1, meanwhile, appear respectively here/here; here; and here/here.
[Examination of which reveals that both English translations chose to insert into chapter 1's first sentence a name that the original author never wrote therein: "Walt Disney"]

Vaneigem's book appeared in 1967.

As did a new Johnny Hallyday    album.

You can hear what was the first big single off the latter (a cover of an Elvis hit), here.

For or against???