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August 07, 2012
Alene Lee's story
I was determined to “wallow in filth” (as my mother sarcastically reiterated) before I would lift one finger to make right a condition I felt I should never have been in. I was too afraid of the consequences of any action on my part. Any compromise with the life we were leading, anything done to make it pleasant, seemed to me would lead to destruction through the acceptance of that life.

from her "Sisters," readable in its entirety in Beatdom, no. 6, i.e., here

We at the moment think it the most riveting piece of autobiographical writing that we have read in a long while.

[205 York Avenue, Staten Island, NY, USA 10301:
a childhood home to which 
even Google Street View
respectfully keeps a solemn distance]  

An illuminating and thoughtful essay by Lee's daughter is here.

The above found after going astray during researches into Dwight Goddard, sparked by this interview.