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July 31, 2013
horse psychology

As animals are so sensitive to sounds and are able to appreciate them so clearly, it may be wondered why so many show displeasure -- even pain -- in the presence of music.  Dogs not infrequently howl when their owners start singing or playing the gramophone . . . and some rats will even throw genuine epileptic fits at the sound of a harmonious chord. The reactions of horses to bands in the show ring is also notorious. . . . 

On the other hand, some horses, especially those which have been trained to musical accompaniment, seem to enjoy the beat and rhythm of music and will keep time to it of their own accord. 

However, the individual differences between horses in this respect are really no more surprising that those between humans. It is well known that what may be balm to one is poison to another.

from Practical Horse Psychology by Moyra Williams (1973)

[volume found last week among numerous discards in boxes outside service entrance to Ivy League alumni club building]