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The Personal is Political. The Political is Personal.

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April 29, 2014

April's top dozen 


Peter Trawny on Heidegger's Denktagebuch: "This is a point that we can't contextualize any more. No hermeneutics can save this."

Piketty on how le passé dévore l'avenir; S. Durlauf on abolition as "the most important anti-inequality movement in the history of the country"


Lola Beltrán's "Te Traigo Estas Flores"
Francis Francine's ritualistic transformation in "Lonesome Cowboys"
          ["Lonesome Cowboys" filming location today]

the great Fran Lebowitz:  "I’m sick of looking at Andy’s work, and even sicker of his disciples."

Blind Summit Theater's astonishing puppetry contributions to "Madame Butterfly"

Frankie Faison's "the Doppler Effect joke," Jarmusch's "Permanent Vacation"

Orson Welles as valliant attempter at sneakily infiltrating the techniques of European surrealism into American mass culture?  (but also too: of Eisenstein)

 Dali, Boiffard and Lacan on the "paranoiac-critical method"


Chuito el de Bayamón's "El Niño Campesino"