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June 12, 2014

from Brazuca to Banzhaf

Below is TiR's current favorite World Cup factoid, about 2014's official soccer ball, the Brazuca, which replaces the little loved Jabulani from last time around:

"To stem criticism this time, Adidas showed the ball to more than 600 of the world's top players, a third of whom were not Adidas-contracted players."

                             (from USA Today)

Emphasis supplied.

Adidas seems to be a believer in weighted voting -- if not in its  shareholders meetings (TiR is too lazy to figure that one out),  at least with regard to footballs.

We glean that the Banzhaf power index might be what one resorts to, to make sense of these things.


The great Dave Zirin, here, describes the World Cup's FIFA as a great "Trojan Horse" of global neoliberalism . . . but one whose " product is irresistible."

A quite good Sports Illustrated profile of the factory  where the ball is manufactured, in Sialkot, Pakistan, is here.

Though, as stated therein, four-fifths of all of its raw materials come from China.

Basic monthly salary at the factory?  10,000 rupees, per here.

Current US dollar equiv.? $102.90, per here.

Current price of an official Brazuca on Amazon?  $144

Yes, TiR knows that you saw the last link coming a mile away.