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November 23, 2014

CW, + / vs. BA (from A to B and back again)

complete video here

highlights of talk by "ovakian" (as west pronounced it a couple times):

min. 38 -- comes out as pro-salad bar
min. 45 --  addresses the question: 'why not kill off all the white people?'
min. 104 -- addresses the question: 'is Ebola just a 'narrative'?'
min. 107 -- addresses the question: 'can ba outrace usain bolt?'
min. 133 -- digression regarding james brown's 'raggedy-ass' politics
min. 149 -- bkgd of bpp executive mandate # 3 (3.1.68)
min. 207 -- ba sings!!

generally funnier and more self-deprecating than expected

west on the other hand was 1st or only to mention (roughly in order) all of the following:

Harry Belafonte
Pamela Frank ("Sister Pam")
W.E.B. DuBois
Nat Turner
Harriet Tubman
Frederick Douglass
Fannie Lou Hamer
Sojourner Truth
Percy Bysshe Shelley
Marcus Garvey
Alice Walker
Sly Stone
George Santayana
Michelle Alexander (author of "a kind of secular Bible")
Iris [Noche?] Diaz
Nina Simone
Mahalia Jackson
Aretha Franklin
Luther Vandross
Donny Hathaway
Carmen McRae
Mary Lou Williams
[tho not Billie Holiday??]
John Coltrane
Frantz Fanon
Reverend James Cleveland
Thelonious Monk
Edward Snowden
Chelsea Manning
Rosa Parks
David Ruffin
Otis Redding
The Delfonics
Ohio Players
the late Big Bank Hank
Wu-Tang Clan
Malcolm X
Elijah Muhammad
bell hooks
The O'Jays
Gamble and Huff
Rev. Dr. Amy K. Butler
Emma Goldman
Sinclair Lewis
Bernard Butler (Urban Diary TV)
Rev. William Wilson Blair

ok tho incomplete discussion of event  =  here