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February 28, 2015
Why we blog so rarely

Debord put it nicely in his Considérations sur l'assassinat de Gérard Lebovici:

He who does not, of his own free will [spontanément], make himself as visible as possible in the spectacle, lives in fact in secrecy, since all current communication in society passes through this mediation.  He who lives in secrecy is a clandestine person.  

The translation is taken from here.

With his next breath, GD points out the historically expanding legal downside of this approach:

A clandestine person will be more and more likely to be considered a terrorist.

Hard to believe, it is, that GD published the far-thinking above in 1985.

TiR wishes that we could say that this is our favorite passage in the Lebovici book.  However, we even more are charmed by those in which Debord says sweet things about his wife.