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May 24, 2015

a prophecy a short step closer to being fulfilled?

A year or two back, we had reports of the following prediction from graffiti artist Meres:

Meres also spoke angrily of Jerry Wolkoff's decision to destroy 5 Pointz: "Jerry, I hope you enjoy your legacy that's going to be following you for the rest of your life, and your son's life. No one's going to remember you for any of your real estate ventures, but they will remember you for this. And the bigger the art form gets, the more people will hate you. Enjoy."

Now we have reports of a major exhibition on the other side of an ocean that seems  to be, among other things , remembering.  

In a new magazine interview, rapper Akhenaton, artistic director of the exhibition, says basically the following:

Let's take, for example, this photo of Five Pointz in New York, the global Mecca of graffiti.  People came from all over the planet to see this place, until last August.  Some real estate developers destroyed it, even though for a long time people asked the city to buy it.  That pretty much shows that the world denies the importance of this culture.

Interview in its original text is here

The magazine in which the interview was published has a weekly international circulation of 87,000

The institute in which the exhibition was held gets over one million visitors a year.