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February 29, 2016

Zero growth blogging

For 2016, TiR is considering one or more of the following strategies:

permanent ceiling:
No more posts.

supplemental request blogging only:
Posts only allowed in the event of national emergencies or war.

blogging sequestration:
If the annual number of characters typed exceeds certain hard caps, then across-the-blog cuts are immediately imposed that will remove an equal number of randomly chosen characters from all previous posts.  The overall size of the blog thus will remain fixed and constant, forever, regardless of readership or population growth.  

Each new post must "pay for itself."  Whatever that means.

For each post added to TiR,  a previous TiR post must be deleted.

TiR may only add a new post if we can persuade some other blogger to delete a post of theirs.  

subsistence blogging:
TiR can only link to or discuss material already posted to TiR.  TiR is forbidden from reading or consuming content from any other site.  Nor, if TiR wants something new to read, will TiR simply be allowed to "run the printing press" by creating and posting new content.  It must draw upon what's been previously produced.

If TiR can get somebody else to post on TiR for us, it won't count towards how much "we" post.

reduce the size and scope:
Eliminate wasteful, duplicative and especially the many, many, many, many fraudulent TiR posts. Reduce this idiotic and pointless blog to the size where we can drag it into the bathroom and drown it in the bathtub.

stop kicking the can down the road:
In the present crisis, this blog is not the solution to TiR's problem, this blog is the problem.

It will purge the rottenness out of the blog . . . TiR will work harder, live a more moral life.

post hoarding:
Wait for every other blog to "go to the wall," go bankrupt, shut down or run out of things to write.  Then post everything we've saved up, once we've outlasted all the others and the field is cleared of competition.  TiR will have the privilege of being last to starve then die unburied with no one to mourn it. Yay!

Doomsday prepper blogging:
Change all settings to private.  Share access password with no one, but suspect everyone of wanting to hack their way in.  Post continually evolving conspiracy exposés and enemies lists, but nothing very original.  Wait for the SHTF on the big Bug-Out Day, then plan simply to scavenge, plunder, steal and post the most awesome of everybody else's content, which, however, TiR will refuse to let anyone read.  

disruptively innovative blogging:
TiR can take up as much space posting as it damn well pleases, but only after first maneuvering somehow  to sabotage, vandalize, terrorize, undermine, take down, discredit, drive out, enjoin, outlaw, buy out, tie up in litigation or eliminate every other blog.

devise alternate methods of value measurement:
Instead of counting how much we post, count how many times we don't post something.  This has in fact been TiR's preferred secret method.