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February 05, 2017
on the libidinal economy of trolling: some undigested notes

[T]he demand of jouissance creates difficulties in the relation to the Other . . .   And, it is necessary, in analytic experience, to surmount the relationship of jouissance, the libidinal relationship, to leave space for the true relationship to the Other. . . .  Certainly, this imaginary jouissance is always trolling, it is slow, it has weight, it is relatively inert, but finally, the supply troops will follow.

Jacques-Alain Miller, from "The Drive is Speech" (1997), included herein (.pdf)

 In terms of inflation, the definition of the left as a planetary cabal, the Cathedral, in charge of regimes that obviously, by any sensible measure, aren’t left, serves as ideological justification for the ‘rebel’ or ‘guerrilla’ stance of NRx [new reactionaries] and reactionary accelerationism. This also accounts for how the right accelerationists adopt (and pervert) certain left political tropes and forms of organisation. While they make use of technology (memes, political trolling, etc.) the irony is these techniques often remain ‘folk political’, in terms of bottom-up insurgencies.

Benjamin Noys, from "Futures of Accelerationism" (2016), here

I would like to argue that the internet provides the perfect outlet for this libidinal economy of schadenfreude to thrive. This is in that the web, with its default recourse to anonymity, precludes personal responsibility for one’s actions, making it an abundant playground for trolls and their subsequent haters to thrive in. . . .  

I think what we lose in the shedding of the hater-troll dynamic is the Symbolic mediator of the socialized Ego. . . . the socialized Ego via the Symbolic functions as a necessary bulwark against the trauma of capitalist excess, jouaissance, and the ”Real” of speculative capital, which by its disruptive nature occludes and dismantles the very possibility of meaning in favor of calculation.

from some well done reflections by one Jericho Fulgencio, here and here (2011)

That feeling you get from trolling someone on Twitter I call adrenalized loneliness. I'm sorry you feel alone. Hurting others won't fix it.

Brie Larson, on Twitter (2016)

What's it all mean?  Devil if TiR knows.

Notes gathered two months ago.  Feels like years . . .